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Strengthened U-Frame: SUF

Strengthened U-Frame: SUF

U-area is the core area of the rim. The structure of the U-area should be designed independently. We fix the hook's shape and make it fitter with for tire. Of course the better thermal conduction and better structure for brake down.

New zero-time planar tooth ratchet

New zero-time planar tooth ratchet

The Hubsmith R&D team launched a new zero-time planar tooth ratchet for the ratchet body drive structure. During the 360-degree driving process, the zero-time planar tooth ratchet body has two parallel tooth surfaces (48 teeth) to achieve a zero-gap occlusal action at the same time. The complete occlusal and propulsion allows the driving performance to be more directly output. In addition, the zero-time planar tooth-type occlusal structure is more durable than traditional pawls.

3K carbon brake track design Bumbee carbon series

3K carbon brake track design

The brake side is equipped with a 3K carbon weave pattern and a 360-degree circular groove drainage design, which effectively enhances braking performance during the braking process.

Round ultra-lightweight carbon spoke Bumbee CC349, Bumbee P. CC349

Round ultra-lightweight carbon spoke

The Bumbee CC 349, Bumbee P. CC349 carbon wheelset features ultra-lightweight carbon fiber spokes that offer both reduced weight and increased rigidity when compared to traditional steel spokes.

Freehub fit with 3 pawls and 9 teeth ratchet

Freehub fit with 3 pawls and 9 teeth ratchet

The patented pawl design with 3 pawls and 9 teeth allows each tooth to fit closely and make close occlusal contact with the 48 teeth surface in the ratchet ring when turning. The design of pawl with 3 pawls and 9 teeth steps is more effort-saving when pedaling.

Polished rim

Polished rim

The Hubsmith aluminum rim is polished layer by layer by hand polishing and grinding by craftsmen, and then the color is rendered into a bright metallic color through anodic method.

Precision ceramic bearings

Precision ceramic bearings

High-precision smooth and wear-resistant ceramic bearing.

Wing spoke

Wing spoke

The WING SPOKE was designed to outperform the current crop of high-end spokes that are found on today’s finest racing wheels. The WING is more than just another lightweight, bladed spoke. Inspired by the nose cone of an airplane, it offers the highest level of aerodynamic performance of any spoke on the market today. Wheel builders will also appreciate the ease of working with the WING. Its one-piece, butted design reduces potential weak spots, while its rigidity helps prevent twisting or breakage when tensioning.

Butt welding Alloy wheelset

Butt welding

The alloy rim of Hubsmith wheel is built by high-end butt welding technology to largely enhance the stiffness of the wheels.

CeramicSpeed bearing Humbird series

CeramicSpeed bearing

The ceramic bearings version of NEW Hubsmith wheel sets adopts the brand, Ceramicspeed high end ceramic bearings from Denmark. Data shows that CeramicSpeed ceramic bearings have excellent abrasion resistance and extremely smooth riding experience. (Applicable models are only for HS-Humbird CS355 (CeramicSpeed Limited Edition), HS-Humbird CS406 (CeramicSpeed Limited Edition))

360° carbon fiber rim reinforced ring Carbon series

360° carbon fiber rim reinforced ring

360 degree full carbon fiber reinforcement ring can reduce the bump caused by the wheel spoke building.

3K light carbon fiber Humbird series

3K light carbon fiber

3K Carbon-fiber Rim.

UD light carbon fiber Swift, Humbird C series

UD light carbon fiber

UD Carbon-fiber Rim.

Precision bearings Mantis, Locust, Bumbee, Swift series

Precision bearings

Precision bearings provide riders with a smoother road cruise.

Hand-built wheels Mini wheelset

Hand-built wheels

Using precise measuring equipment and specialized tool, our technicians adjust and correct lateral and radial deviation and center the rim.

Heat-Treatment Alloy wheelset


Heat treatment to alloy rim makes the hardness of material more rigid.

Special drilling angle Mini wheelset

Special drilling angle

To drill the holes with proper angles in precise calculation for mini wheels can optimize the spokes to be built in straight lines.

Sand-Blasting Alloy wheelset


Mini alloy wheel sets will have been through sand-blast surface treatment to enhance the brakeage of the brake.

One way adjustable-gap system Mantis/Locust series

One way adjustable-gap system

One way gap adjustment ring can be easily operated with one 2.5mm screwdriver in order to push the shifting bearing and reduce the gap to lengthen the lifetime of bearings.