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Anti-fraud Reminder: 
Customers are advised to be careful to prevent fraud. If you have any doubts, please contact the customer service hotline +886 (0)4-25379168 during working hours or call the 165 anti-fraud hotline for verification.

165 National Anti-Fraud Network of the Police Administration of the Ministry of the Interior:

165 Anti-Fraud: HUBSMITH will not take the initiative to notify you to perform payment, payment and other related operations, nor will it ask you to go to the ATM to operate any financial operations, or to cancel the wrong settings!

HUBSMITH takes proper security protection for customers' personal information, including SSL certificates for consumer cash flows, and uses encryption protocols of 2 (inclusive) or above, which are in line with international organizations' network transmission security standards. This further protects the personal data of our customers.

Hubsmith will not take the initiative to call you to notify you of payment, processing, and other related operations, and will not ask you to go to the ATM to perform any financial operations or cancel wrong settings! If your Hubsmith member account and password are the same as your personal email (such as Gmail / Hotmail / Yahoo... etc.), please be sure to change the password immediately! It is recommended that the password be set to more than 8 characters (mixed with English and numbers) including punctuation marks. Remind you not to share passwords to ensure the security of personal information.

Do not use ATM
The fraudulent group will ask customers to go to the ATM to switch the English operating interface in order to induce you to transfer money. ATMs do not have functions such as refunding, canceling installment payments, etc. Please be careful. Hubsmith will not arbitrarily alter paid orders and will not ask you to follow instructions to use an ATM.

No credit card information provided
Hubsmith will not take the initiative to ask you to provide your bank account and credit card information by telephone; nor will it take the initiative to notify you to provide personal information or request money transfer in the form of "questionnaire" or "winner".The first step in preventing fraud is to maintain the security of personal information.

No simple password
Please do not use simple numbers when setting a password, such as birthday, phone number, ID number, or the account number and password are the same. For different websites, please set different account passwords and change them regularly.

Do not open unknown attachments
Please do not arbitrarily click on attachments, URLs and e-cards in e-mail or communication software.

Do not enter account passwords on public computers and public networks
Public computers are more likely to be installed with Trojan programs, and personal secrets may be recorded. Using free wireless Internet access, lack of firewall protection, computer data is easy to be intercepted by hackers.