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Hubsmith Privacy Notice: 
Hubsmith Limited (Hubsmith) ("Hubsmith" or "we") hereby informs you of the purpose of collecting your personal data, the types of personal data collected, the period, regions, objects and methods of use of personal data through this Privacy Notice , the rights and methods you can exercise, and the impact of not providing your personal data on your rights

Hubsmith thank you for your participation in membership recruitment, product purchases, warranty services and activities, and enter our relevant website to log in and register:

  • Member registration
  • Hubsmith online store product purchases
  • Warranty Registration

(hereinafter referred to as "Purpose of Collection of Personal Information"). This Privacy Notice applies to our notices and descriptions of the collection, processing or use of your personal data when you interact with the Hubsmith pages.

For the services you choose to register or log in to, we collect the following personal data:

  • Sign Up:

o Mobile number

o Name

o Birthday

o Gender

  • Hubsmith online store product purchases:

o Mobile number

o Name

o Birthday

o Gender

o Recipient name

o Shipping address

o Recipient's contact phone number

  • Warranty Registration:

o Mobile number

o Name

o Birthday

o Gender

o Photos or videos used for warranty purposes

  • Active Login:

When you agree to participate in our promotions, trials, contests, sweepstakes and other activities, we will collect your personal data in accordance with the provisions of the activity methods contained in the individual activity pages. You can log in to participate in the event through the relevant event page.

The Effect of Not Providing Your Personal Data on Your Rights

You may choose not to provide your personal data. If you choose not to provide your personal information, you will not be able to complete the relevant registration or log in to have relevant services or participate in activities.

Latest Information

You can select "Agree" to get the latest information from Hubsmith.

When you agree to receive updates from Hubsmith, we will use your personal data and, based on your preferences, to send you updates about Hubsmith's products, services, events and promotions. You can withdraw your consent to receive updates at any time with an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the newsletter emails you receive. When you express your refusal to continue to receive updates, we will stop using your personal data to provide you with Hubsmith updates. Please note that when you choose not to receive the latest information from us, we may still send you non-marketing information such as important website service-related administrative messages.

Period of the Usage of Personal Data

We will retain your personal data for as long as Hubsmith continues to operate, for the purposes for which you have opted to consent. The conditions we use to determine retention periods include: (i) the length of time you have an ongoing relationship with us in relation to your use of the Hubsmith Pages; (ii) whether we have legal obligations to which we must comply; or (iii) retention of personal Appropriateness of the data (e.g. applicable regulations regarding statutes of limitations, regulations or investigations).

Territorial use and cross-border transfer of personal data
Your personal data will be stored and processed in the country/region where we entrust the service. When you choose to register or log in to the above-mentioned services, you agree to the cross-border transfer of the personal data you provide to outside the country/region of your residence. country, whose personal data protection regulations may differ from your country of origin. Courts, law enforcement, regulatory or security authorities in those countries may have access to your personal data in accordance with applicable regulations in that country. We will process cross-border transfers of your personal data in accordance with applicable personal data protection legislation.

Your Rights and Ways of Exercising
If you want to request to inquire or view, supplement, correct, stop collecting, process, use or request deletion of the personal data you have provided to us, you can apply by yourself on the above-mentioned relevant website page where you have registered, or Contact us via Hubsmith Customer Service Centre Tel: +886 4 25379168.

In your request, please specify the personal data you wish to process. To protect your rights, we may need to verify your identity before processing your request.

Please be aware that we may need to retain certain information for record keeping purposes and/or to complete any transaction, service or activity you started before requesting the change or deletion (for example, when you purchase or participate in a marketing campaign, you may not be able to change or delete the personal data provided until such purchase or marketing activity is processed). There may still be some residual material in our databases and other records that will not be deleted.

We will endeavor to process your request as soon as reasonably practicable.

If you exercise your (part of) choices and rights, you may no longer be able to continue to use all or part of our services or participate in events.

Affiliate Companies and Service Providers

We may disclose your personal data to:

  • Affiliates or affiliates for the purposes described in this Privacy Notice
  • Third party service providers who provide services including Website Hosting, data analytics, payment/billing processing, shipping services, order fulfillment, IT and related infrastructure, customer service, email delivery, customer relations Administration, identity management, campaign management, marketing intelligence, auditing, fraud detection and other services
  • Third parties, if you choose to agree to share information, they can send you marketing communications that match your choices
  • Third-party sponsors of sweepstakes, contests and similar promotions, if you choose to consent to the sharing of information
  • Links to your social media membership account, other website users and social media membership account providers to disclose information about your social media sharing activity. By linking your account and social media membership account, you authorize us to share material with your social media membership account provider, and you understand that our use of the shared material is governed by the social media provider's privacy policy

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Other Uses and Disclosures

Where we deem necessary or appropriate, your personal data may be used and disclosed to: (a) comply with applicable laws (which may include laws outside your country of residence), and in response to requests from public and government authorities, which may include relevant authorities outside your country of residence; in cooperation with law enforcement or for other legal reasons; (b) to perform contractual agreements between us; and (c) to protect our rights, privacy, safety or property, and/or our Necessary for the rights, privacy, safety or property of affiliated or affiliated companies or yours.

Third Party Services

This Privacy Statement disclaims all responsibility for the privacy protection, data collection, processing, utilization or other practices of any third party operated website or service of any third party linked to the Hubsmith web pages. The appearance of a link on the Hubsmith web pages does not imply endorsement by us, our affiliates or affiliates of the linked website or service.

In addition, we are not responsible for the information collected, processed, utilized, disclosed by other organizations, their security policies or practices, including any related personal data you disclose to other organizations through or through links that may appear on the Hubsmith web pages. These organizations include Facebook, Apple, Google, Microsoft or any other application developer, application provider, social media platform provider, operating system provider, wireless service provider or device manufacturer. Such other organizations may have their own privacy notices, statements, or policies. We strongly recommend that you read the relevant content to understand how these organizations handle your personal data.

By linking your Hubsmith account and your social media membership account, you authorize us to share material with your social media membership account provider, and you understand that our use of the shared material is governed by the social media provider's privacy policy. We may share your personal data with friends, other website users and social media membership account providers associated with your social media membership account in connection with your social media sharing activity. Hubsmith is governed by the privacy policies of the relevant third parties, as well as our internal rules on social media.

Cookies or Other Tracking Technologies
When you interact with or use the Hubsmith web pages, including browsing our website, using our social media pages, receiving our emails, using our mobile applications and/or connecting devices; we use cookies or similar technologies. In most cases, we cannot directly identify you from the information collected through these technologies.
The information collected is used to:

Ensure digital channels are functioning properly

  • Analyze the usage of digital channels so that we can evaluate and improve the performance of digital channels
  • Connect to your social media networks and read comments

• Customize marketing messages that are more interesting to you, both inside and outside of the Hubsmith digital channel

Hubsmith Cookie Statement
More about cookies
Hubsmith strives to make your online experiences and interactions rich and relevant. We use cookies or similar technologies for this purpose. We think it is important that you understand the cookies used on our website and what they are used for. This helps protect your privacy and ensures that our website is easier to use for users.

What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files that are stored on your terminal device (computer or mobile device) when you visit certain websites. Hubsmith may also employ similar technologies such as pixels, web beacons, device fingerprints, etc. For consistency, the combination of all of these technologies is collectively referred to herein as a "cookie".

Why use cookies?
Cookies may be used for a variety of different purposes. First, cookies may be required for the website to function properly. For example, without cookies, it can be difficult for a website to remember that you are logged in or which items have been placed in your shopping cart. These are called essential cookies.

Cookies can also be used to analyze the usage of the website, count the number of visitors and see how the website can be improved. We do not link statistics and other reports on this site to specific individuals. These are analytics cookies.

The third type is social media cookies, which are used to integrate social media and websites so that you can instantly like or share a page or product on your favorite social media service.

An important purpose of the fourth cookie is to enable personalised online advertising to display advertisements that are most relevant to you, or of greatest interest to you, both within the Hubsmith website and on other websites. This is a (locked) advertising cookie

How do I choose cookies for my privacy on Hubsmith's website?
The Hubsmith website allows you to choose your cookie preferences. By clicking on "Cookies", you can choose the type of cookies you would like the website to use. You can change your preferences at any time. A list of all cookies within each category (essential, analytics, social media, targeted advertising) can also be seen under Cookie Settings.

Please note that using the cookie settings within our website may not delete cookies already set. After you have changed the "Cookie Settings" on our website, you can delete the set cookies in the settings of your web browser as described below.

Cookie? How can I manage or disable cookies in my browser?

Please note that Hubsmith does not currently use any technical solutions that respond to your browser's "Do Not Track" signal. In addition to using the "Cookie Settings" section on our website, you can manage your cookie settings at any time in your browser settings. Please note that your browser settings may not be as easy to use as the "Cookie Settings" on our website. If you disable all cookies or all our cookies in your browser settings, it may prevent some sections or features of our website from working because your browser blocks us from setting cookies that are required for functionality. It is recommended that you use the "Cookie Settings" on our website and do not disable all cookies via your web browser.


You can find further information on how to disable or manage the cookie settings of the browser you are using from the following list:

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari