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Warmly reminds before shopping:

The fans of Hubsmith, thank you for purchasing and choosing our products. Be sure to confirm the model, specification, color, and quantity of the product you ordered before ordering the product. If you have any questions, please write us an email or phone call to us for assistance.

During your use of our products, please follow the instructions in our product manuals. At the same time, before you ride, you need to pay attention to various basic inspections of the wheel set and ensure that you are in a safe riding environment. If you have any other questions, you can contact our distribution partner stores or we can help you.


  • Customer Service Email:
  • Customer Service Tel: +886-4-25379168#110 #111


Our customer service hours are from 10:00 am to 18:00 pm local Taipei time Monday to Friday (except for regular holidays and national holidays)


10-day hesitation time guarantee (non-product trial period) All Hubsmith products have a 10-day hesitation period

*The 10-day hesitation time is not a product trial period. The number of days is calculated based on the day the package is received for the first day. The 10-day hesitation time does not apply to promotional items, refurbished items, and special-made items.

For product returns, it should be noted that the returned products must be completely sealed and fixed to ensure the integrity of the contents (including accessories, etc.). We do not reimburse you for taxes and handling charges incurred when ordering. If the returned product is inspected by internal personnel and has missing parts, damaged appearance, etc., so that it cannot be sold again, we will not refund the fee. And the related shipping and other fees for goods return should be charged by you. The returned contents shall (may) include the following items:

  1. The intact wheelset product (including those put/sticked on the main body such as stickers, buffer materials, etc.)
  2. Commercial invoice (shipping sheet, return sheet, packing list, etc.)
  3. Hubsmith Wheelset Package Carton
  4. The accessories box (including quick release, anti-loosening nut, brake pads) will vary according to the product model.
  5. Parts repair kit (spokes, nipples)
  6. Hanging Cards on Wheels
  7. Warranty Card
  8. Instructions Sheet
  9. Hubsmith Stickers
  10. Buffer packaging
  11. Gifts due to the event (gifts are equivalent to selling goods)


Is there a return or exchange service in physical retail stores for the goods purchased from Hubsmith online store?

There is currently no physical store with return and exchange services for the goods purchased from Hubsmith online store.


How to handle returns? What if the returned item is lost in transit or damaged?

  • Contact us at or call +886-4-25379168. Please remember to leave your personal contact information so that we can follow up with you.
  • Returns of goods must be picked up and delivered by our designated logistics provider. Please note that the relevant documents after the return must be kept until we return the money to you!
  • If you return our products through a third-party transport provider (not our designated logistics provider), and if you unfortunately lose the goods during the return process, or the outer/inner package is damaged that causes the damage to the product, we will not be responsible for the loss, and you need to follow up coordination with the logistics company on your own.


Unable to trade in the future due to personal factors?

If the frequent returns due to personal factors and that causes the company’s operating losses, we have the right to suspend all future transactions.  Appreciate for your kind understanding.


Can physical store orders be returned through online stores?

No! We only accept returns for purchases through the Hubsmith online store.


Can I choose to remit the refund to my other account?

We will refund to your original payment account or your original credit card institution. The billing cycle of each card-issuing bank is different. You can pay attention to your card-issuing bank and check your bills.


Can I choose another currency for my refund?

Refunds will be refunded in the currency you originally paid for when you purchased the item.