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HS-Cupid C12-Brushed black

*This item is limited to push bike.*

$1,030 USD Exclude delivery fee, any applicable customs duties and tax charges.
Include 85mm/ 90mm replaceable caps.
1 Year Warranty
(limited warranty)
7-10 days shipping
Packaging of Hubsimth Cartoon


  • Brushed black carbon pattern.
  • Strengthened U-Frame: over 1000kg pass.
  • Aerodynamically designed flat steel spokes.
  • Aviation oil lubrication to reduce resistance.
  • Exclusive drilling angles for hubs and spoke holes. (reduce the corner angle )
  • A one-way gap adjustment ring is built into the hub to adjust the bearing to no clearance.
  • Lightweight hub body design.
  • High-precision smooth and wear-resistant ceramic bearing.
  • Titanium flash filmless label style.
  • All hand built by wheel-building technicians.


Wheel Size
Carbon Rim
Rim Depth
Inner Width
Outer Width
ø5mm*95mm (include 85mm/ 90mm replaceable caps)
Spoke Count
Max Tire Pressure
Cermamic bearings (aviation oil lubrication to reduce resistance.)
230±10g (excluding skewers and rim tape)
1 pair


Strengthened U-Frame: SUF

Strengthened U-Frame: SUF

U-area is the core area of the rim. The structure of the U-area should be designed independently. We fix the hook's shape and make it fitter with for tire. Of course the better thermal conduction and better structure for brake down.

Precision ceramic bearings

Precision ceramic bearings

High-precision smooth and wear-resistant ceramic bearing.

Hand-built wheels

Hand-built wheels

Using precise measuring equipment and specialized tool, our technicians adjust and correct lateral and radial deviation and center the rim.

Special drilling angle

Special drilling angle

To drill the holes with proper angles in precise calculation for mini wheels can optimize the spokes to be built in straight lines.

One way adjustable-gap system

One way adjustable-gap system

One way gap adjustment ring can be easily operated with one 2.5mm screwdriver in order to push the shifting bearing and reduce the gap to lengthen the lifetime of bearings.


  Payment Method

  • Please note that all product prices do not include customs duties and shipping charges.
  • Items billed in New Taiwan Dollars are only available for inland shipping on the mainland of Taiwan.
  • Please be sure to confirm that your order content, specifications, details, and amount are correct before checkout. Once the order remittance is completed, the order content cannot be modified.


  • About 3-5 working days for domestic shipping. (excluding holidays and national holidays)
  • About 7-10 working days for international shipping. (excluding holidays and national holidays)

  Warranty Issue

  • The wheelset provides a one-year limited warranty worldwide. Please log in and register within 30 days of receiving the product.
  • For online warranty terms, please click "Me".


  • If the product is out of stock, we will notify you as soon as possible and assist you to change the order, and the delivery days will be extended.
  • Before unpack and install, please make sure that you have the corresponding tools at hand to properly remove and install the wheel set. Make sure that the front and rear quick releases are securely locked to the fork and lock each time you ride.
  • For riders using Cinch Release and Hubsmith Hub Cinch, please make sure that the locking end is hand-locked with the 1.5mm hex version and cannot be removed. For the movable end, use a 2mm hexagonal wrench to lock the nut on the movable end until the upper wheel is installed, and it cannot be disassembled. (Both 1.5mm and 2mm hex wrenches comes with the delivery)
  • It is normal for metal processing products to have 5%~10% processing marks during the production process.
  • A spare parts box (including product instruction manual, warranty card, quick release, Hub Cinch (anti-loosening nut), etc.) is included with the ordered wheel set (including spokes, copper (aluminum) nipples, 1 set for each). (Note! The contents will vary according to different models).
  • The Hubsmith brake pads come with the purchase of the V-brake wheelset to increase the safety of the product.
  • Due to the lightweight design of the wheelset, please note that the combined rider and luggage load does not exceed 100kg. For the correct riding and assembly method of the product, please refer to the product manual.
  • Please note that it is normal for product photos to have color differences due to differences in different screen monitor.



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